Statement Regarding Attending Tournaments in the U.S.A.

We would like to thank Nepean MHA for the Statement below Regarding Attending Tournaments in the U.S.A.  We have modified the statement to change from NMHA to HEO Minor.

With the widely-publicized Executive Order on travel signed by President Trump now in partial effect, HEO Minor is concerned that this may adversely impact some of our membership travelling to tournaments in the United States.

As always, all our players and parents must have proper documentation to present at the border.

However, there are conditions in the Executive Order that may impact Canadian citizens and residents with origins in those countries specified in the Order. That could mean extra questioning and searches, or even being denied entry to the U.S. for one of our parents or players.

HEO Minor believes that every member should have equal access to all of our programs, including participating in tournaments, so while we will continue to approve travel permits to US tournaments, we strongly caution all teams to ensure that:

•             your parents are fully aware of the situation regarding the Executive Order on travel and its implications ; and

•             if even one of your players or parents are potentially affected, HEO Minor requests that your team does not register or withdraws from the tournament.

Should a team travel to the U.S. and face negative consequences due to the Executive Order on travel, HEO Minor will not be able to provide assistance of any kind.