Risk and Safety Management

This is a committee which convenes and communicates  risk and safety matters relating to the game of hockey.  The committee has assumed a huge role with regards to the Canadian Hockey Association's Speak Out Program.   This committee remains dedicated to assist with concerns  that  parents, players, officials, coaches, trainers and administrators may have in the sport of hockey.

Title Minor Representative
Director at Large HEO Minor R&S Committee Chair  
Executive Member, Director at Large  
Executive Member  
District 1 Representative Michael Horsburgh  michael.horsburgh@statca.gc.ca
District 2 Representative Ron Belmore    ronbelmore@sympatico.ca
District 3 Representative Sandra Miller          sandramm91@msn.com
District 4 Representative Paul Ross            chair@district4.ca
District 5 Representative George Vigus   gvigus@live.ca
District B Representative Karen Larche      risk.and.safety@districtbhockey.ca
District 9 Representative Tarek Sardana     aviationmedintl@rogers.com
District 10 Representative Chris Woodcock   chriswood@rogers.com   (613) 863-1443
District 11 Representative Andy Choquette   riskandsafety@kmha.ca  
District 12 Representative